Feature request

Do not hesitate and simply ask us for a feature

We all know the feeling: LimeSurvey has a lot of functions – but the longer you work with it the sooner you notice that missing feature you would really need right now. You think ‘Why is this not a LimeSurvey feature – it is so obvious!’ – but that’s not necessarily true. We do get a lot of feature requests, but is hard to tell how commonly needed a feature is. So we offer a way to vote on features.

Check out our feature request roadmap

● Open the feature tracker.

● In the left menu, click on ‘Roadmap’

How to request a new feature?

  • If you don’t have a limesurvey.org account please create one first.
  • Visit our feature – tracker, log in and make sure that ‘Features’ are selected in the upper right ‘Project:’ select box.
  • Check if someone else already opened a feature request like yours by searching for it.
  • If you don’t find the feature existing please create a new feature by clicking ‘Report issue’ in the main menu bar.

Why should I request a feature?

  • By requesting a feature you help us to improve LimeSurvey.
  • You will provide valueable feedback on the functionalities of LimeSurvey.
  • Other users can benefit from the features you request because they have the same use-case.
  • Let the Open Source community help you to get your feature developed.
  • If your desired feature already exists in the feature tracker, then vote on it.

Don’t want to wait for a new feature?

Instead of creating a new feature request and wait for it to be developed, you can hire us for custom development.


Donate to the LimeSurvey project!

We are trying to implement the top features first – but note there is no time frame on it. If you want to speed up the development of a certain popular feature you might want to consider a donation.

Host LimeSurvey in your infrastructure

  • Download our Community Edition for free
  • Maintain your own LimeSurvey installation
  • Keep the data on your own servers
  • Customize LimeSurvey to your own needs

Community Edition is 100% Free

We believe in the impact of Open Source

Everyone should be able to use the same opportunities. Therefore it is a matter of course for us to make the source code of our software available for free download. This way, everyone can use the technology according to his or her needs: A dynamic we love.
Open Source thrives for participation. Be a part of our project, take what you need and help others benefit from your resources!