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Get the most out of LimeSurvey and start using the LimeSurvey Cloud today

We take care of the infrastructure and you concentrate on the important things: your surveys. Our highly available premium hosting provides you with LimeSurvey as a cloud application directly after registration.

To fullfill data protection requirements, we offer to store your data at various locations of your choice. Our servers are located in:

Germany (recommended in general for EU customers)
United Kingdom
… more upon request

Download LimeSurvey CE

Download LimeSurvey
Community Edition version 6.5.13

We recommend updating to the current version at all times. Have a look at our ComfortUpdate Extension to make handling your own installation even easier. For more information see our manual.

Release 6.5.13

What’s new in version 6?
(requires PHP 7.4.x or newer)

New features in LimeSurvey 6 compared to version 5

Most important new features 

  • PHP 8.1 (or later) compatibility

  • New administration theme with a contemporary unified Design. Admin themes from previous versions will not work anymore. In Version 7 this unified design will also be applied to surveys. Technically, we updated from Bootstrap 3 to 5 and updated our templating engine from Twig 1 to Twig 3.

  • Added new functions to RemoteControl API to manage quotas, attachments and other settings

  • We did alot of minor and major user interface enhancements.


Release 5.6.67

What’s new in version 5?
(requires PHP 7.2.5 to 8.0.x)
Support ends: June 1st, 2024



LimeSurvey templates are available as question templates, label set templates, survey templates

In our template library you can find example surveys, label sets and question templates in various languages. Whether it’s a list of world countries or special question types, you will find it there.

Using the upload feature you can contribute your files to the community.


Starting with LimeSurvey 2.05 extension are supported. Have a look at all third party extensions.

Extensions are third-party plug-ins for LimeSurvey Community Edition to extend it’s functionality. Therefore we provide a directory of extensions.

If you have created your own extensions, don’t hesitate to submit it to our directory.

Host LimeSurvey in your infrastructure

  • Download our Community Edition for free
  • Maintain your own LimeSurvey installation
  • Keep the data on your own servers
  • Customize LimeSurvey to your own needs

Community Edition is 100% Free

We believe in the impact of Open Source

Everyone should be able to use the same opportunities. Therefore it is a matter of course for us to make the source code of our software available for free download. This way, everyone can use the technology according to his or her needs: A dynamic we love.
Open Source thrives for participation. Be a part of our project, take what you need and help others benefit from your resources!