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Research and science shouldn’t know any boundaries. That’s why we have supported the Open Source philosophy since 2006. LimeSurvey is used to conduct online surveys all over the world. If you want to be a part of our Open Source community click below.

LimeSurvey Cloud

Use the LimeSurvey Cloud right away and don’t need worry about maintenance and updates.

Use LimeSurvey comfortably in the cloud. You do not need to install or update LimeSurvey yourself. We will do this for you in one of our highly available data centers in accordance with data protection regulations. Also benefit from exclusive features only available with LimeSurvey Cloud.

Community Edition

Download the stable version 6.5.17 and install LimeSurvey Community Edition on your own server.

Thanks to LimeSurvey Community Edition you can run any research project as freely as possible. Create complex research designs and exchange surveys, tests and measurement instruments with other researches in the open LSS file format. Or make your validated questionnaires available to the scientific community.

The community forum

At the heart of the community: the forum

Our great community is an experienced, reliable and versatile helper. Any difficulties you may come across have likely already been detected by someone else. Most of the times that someone has also found a solution to the problem. Our community is the ideal place to ask questions and get help with any issues regarding the usage of LimeSurvey. A part of our community deals with documentation and translation. If you want to help out, this is your place to go.

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LimeSurvey extension directory: extensions for your installation

In our extension directory you have the possibility of making your plugins and templates available to others. There is also a collection of content that has already been built by our users. In our manual we provide assistance in creating your own plugin. A customised template can be created inside of LimeSurvey with our inbuilt template editor. Naturally, you may also find support if required.

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Host LimeSurvey in your infrastructure

  • Download our Community Edition for free
  • Maintain your own LimeSurvey installation
  • Keep the data on your own servers
  • Customize LimeSurvey to your own needs

Community Edition is 100% Free

We believe in the impact of Open Source

Everyone should be able to use the same opportunities. Therefore it is a matter of course for us to make the source code of our software available for free download. This way, everyone can use the technology according to his or her needs: A dynamic we love.
Open Source thrives for participation. Be a part of our project, take what you need and help others benefit from your resources!